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Bike Fitting Service Ruler

Your bike fit doesn't necessarily end with simply finding the right size.

From recreational riders and commuters to professional racers, everyone can benefit from having their bike tailored to them individually. A proper fit provides more comfort and efficiency and prevents injury, leading to overall greater enjoyment of your bike.

John, our resident bike fitting expert here at Bicycle Pro Shop, will guide you through the process of aligning you to your new or existing bike.

If you're interested in our bike fit service, schedule an appointment.

This is John. He's the fitter.

Professional Bike Fit: $300

The Professional Bike Fit includes:

  • A thorough discussion of previous riding experience, comfort and power considerations, fit changes over time, current riding conditions, and future goals. 
  • A full examination of fit follows, allowing a complete assessment of the issues at hand. 
  • Adjustments are made wherever necessary, including saddle height, saddle angle, saddle fore-aft position, seatpost choice, handlebar height, handlebar reach, handlebar rotation, shifter vertical position, shifter rotation, and cleat positioning etc.
  • John will follow up after a few weeks to endure fit is successful.

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Background on John

John is a licensed physical therapist in the state of Virginia with over a decade of road riding and racing experience. His passion for cycling began in college racing for the Indiana University of Pennsylvania cycling team in the Eastern Collegiate Cycling Conference. That passion has followed John as he currently trains and competes with his Whole Wheel Velo Club teammates in the Mid-Atlantic Bicycle Racing Association and beyond. John has worked at Bicycle Pro Shop while completing the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at Marymount University and is eager to add his expertise of human physiology to bike fitting.