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Traditional Bike Fit: $75

The Traditional Bike Fit involves:

  • A discussion of your riding history and riding goals
  • An examination of your current fit  
  • Adjustments to saddle height, saddle angle, saddle fore-aft position, handlebar height, handlebar reach, and handlebar rotation.

*Highly recommended if you have never had a fit service done before and are seeking to enjoy a more comfortable ride.

Professional Bike Fit: $150

The Professional Fit includes:

  • A thorough discussion of previous riding experience, comfort and power considerations, fit changes over time, current riding conditions, and future goals. 
  • A full examination of fit follows, allowing a complete assessment of the issues at hand. 
  • Adjustments are made wherever necessary, including saddle height, saddle angle, saddle fore-aft position, seatpost choice, handlebar height, handlebar reach, handlebar rotation, shifter vertical position, shifter rotation, cleat fore-aft position, cleat lateral position, cleat wedges or shoe inserts, and additional considerations to aerobar extensions or crank length.