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Santa Cruz Bicycles at Bicycle Pro Shop | DC/VA

Santa Cruz Bicycles

Quality bicycles since 1994. Models including: Trail, Cross-Country, Enduro, Downhill, as well as Gravel and Cyclocross.

BPS Picks

A long time dealer and riders of Santa Cruz Bicycles, this is lineup of what we typically stock here at the Bicycle Pro Shop. If you're looking for something not seen here let us know and we can check availability.

Santa Cruz Heckler CC X0 AXS RSV
$9,749.00 $11,499.00 15% Savings
On and on and on and on... Danny MacAskill just doesn't stop talking about...
Santa Cruz Blur Carbon C S TR
$4,649.00 $5,499.00 15% Savings
A Fair Advantage We tapped into everything we've learned from years of m...
Santa Cruz Heckler SL GX AXS MX | Carbon C
A sneaky ebike that's lightweight, powerful and has surprising range. All t...
Santa Cruz Bronson CC X0 AXS
$6,399.00 $7,999.00 20% Savings
From flat out on the trail to fully flat over a table, if you wanna send it...